Enjoy year-end double pay, year-end bonuses and other benefits
Social Insurance: sign a labor contract and pay five insurances and one gold
Accommodation: free meals for three working days, air conditioning, washing machines, water dispensers, separate toilets and hot and cold water supply
Transportation: free shuttle bus to and from work
Fresh fruit is distributed every week, holiday birthday benefits, marriage and education allowances, etc.
Regularly organize rich entertainment activities and tourism activities
Copywriting 3 people
Release date:25-04-2018
Job Responsibilities:

  1. The continuous production of brand product packaging, promotion and copywriting;
  2. Responsible for the active professional platform, data collection and uploading;
  3. Responsible for the company's external media and writing of Cantonese characters, and the communication and sending of news media platforms;
  4. Assist in handling the update, release and management of the company's own media platform, public number, and website background;
  5. website writing, news, Chinese literature professional, with relevant working experience is preferred;
  6. Engaged in editorial editing for brand operations editors for more than one year, and was familiar with online promotion work;
  7. Good writing skills, love of writing, special planning, information integration, and writing skills;
  8. if a good graduate can also be cultivated.

Company Address: 3-10 Guangzhu Road, Datong Village, Dongyong Town, Nansha District, Guangzhou City
Tel: 020-34882219/15018767604 (WeChat same number)
Contact: Miss Zhang

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