Leaders of the District Political Consultative Conference Carried out Corporate Research in Hymson (Jiangmen) Laser Intelligent Equipment Co., Ltd.

Release time:2020-03-17

          On the afternoon of March 6, 2020, Du Zhenfei, Chairman of the Political Consultative Conference of Pengjiang District of Jiangmen City, Lin Yongkang, Vice Chairman, Zeng Zhuo, Deputy Secretary of Tangxia Town Committee, and Deng Xiyan, Chairman of Jiangsha Demonstration Park Company, visited Hymson (Jiangmen) Laser Intelligent Manufacturing Co., Ltd. In order to konw about the current situation of enterprise epidemic prevention and the development of enterprises, promote the full resumption of work and speed up production.

          Lin Guodong, Deputy General Manager of Hymson (Jiangmen) Laser Intelligent Equipment Co., Ltd. and other company leaders warmly received and accompanied the investigation.

01 JMLEBG / Lithium Battery New Energy Center

           Chairman Du Zhenfei and his party visited Hymson JMLEBG Lithium Battery New Energy Center. Mr. Lin introduced in detail the research and development level of Hymson laser products, the order situation, and the development prospects at home and abroad, and expounded the specific application of lithium batteries and the future development direction.

02 Living Supporting Area

             Mr. Lin accompanied the leaders to the living support area. At present, a basketball court and new employee dormitory area have been established to ensure the quality of life of employees.

03 JMBJBG / Sheet Metal Business Center

            Chairman Du Zhenfei and other leaders visited the production workshop of Hymson Laser Sheet Metal Business Center. Mr. Lin stated that Hymson Laser is actively expanding the international market, and has established sales centers and service centers in Italy, Germany, and the United States. We visited 24 meter ultra-large-format laser cutting machine. In the future, Hymson Laser will also actively create laser cutting machine equipment with higher power and larger working area.

04 Forum Exchanges

          At the symposium, Chairman Du Zhenfei asked in detail about Hymson laser epidemic prevention and control work. He kindly cared about the current situation of the development of Hymson Laser in the severe epidemic situation and the challenges facing the current development of enterprises to help enterprises solve practical problems such as employment, logistics, and funds, and provide solid guarantee for winning the fight against epidemic prevention.
          At the same time, Chairman Du Zhenfei encouraged Hymson Laser to do a good job in key project construction and wished Hymson Laser to do better and better in Jiangmen's economic development!