Hymson laser Is Ready!

Release time:2020-03-03

The sudden new crown epidemic disrupted the pace of Spring Day.Hymson Laser takes the safety of employees as its biggest responsibility and strictly implements various prevention and control tasks.

Recently, Hymson Laser has prepared according to local policy guidelines before returning to work.
As of February 24, the return rate of Hymson Laser employees has reached 90%!
Checking Temperature Before Working

Employees are required to wear masks when entering the company, and they must cooperate with body temperature testing on a daily basis before arriving at work. Measure once before going to work and once in the morning and afternoon. Only those with a body temperature of 36 ℃ -37.2 ℃ can get on the job.

Fully Equipped with Epidemic Prevention Supplies

Each employee will receive an immunization package when they return to work.

Disinfection of Offices and Production Workshops

Before employees return to work, we have disinfected all the office areas and production workshops of Hymson Laser. In addition, we will also set up quarantine areas to provide dormitory for physical discomfort and foreign employees.

Canteen Management Attentive Service

Before the employees returned to work, we have completely disinfected the company canteen.The company normally serves breakfast, lunch, and dinner every day, and prevents employees from eating intensively to prevent infection.

Return to  Work with Scientific Epidemic Prevention

We posted warm tips in office areas, canteens, production workshops, etc., and prepared paper pumps at the elevator buttons to build a safe and healthy working environment for everyone.

Mask Recovery to Avoid Infection

We have set up a special mask recycling bucket to sort out used outbreak masks, gloves and other epidemic protection supplies.

Efficient Production
Meeting Customers' Need

In the production workshop, we have stepped up the commissioning and installation of equipment to avoid immunity from affecting supply. We packed the equipment into boxes and arranged trucks to transport the equipment to the customer site to minimize the impact of holiday delays.

Monitor Your Personal Health
1. Everyone needs to monitor their body temperature every day. If the body temperature exceeds 37.2 °, they will be banned from entering the office area.
2. If you have symptoms such as fever, cough, or shortness of breath, cooperate with isolation observation and seek medical treatment in a timely manner.
Personal Protection During Commute
1. Wear a mask before going out and wash your hands after arriving at the company.
2. Try not to take public transportation. It is recommended to walk, ride or take a private car to work. When using public transport, wear masks and gloves throughout the journey.
3. Wear a mask when taking the elevator, reduce chat, and try to keep a distance of more than 1 meter.
Strengthening the Management of in and out of the Office Area
1. Keep a distance of more than 1 meter between people as much as possible.
2. Wash your hands frequently, drink plenty of water, and wear a mask.
3. Use disinfection wipes or 75 ° alcohol cotton balls to disinfect desks and office equipment before office.
Proper Exercise
You need to exercise moderately, work and rest regularly, and maintain a positive attitude.
There are also a large number of colleagues who are working side by side with their returning partners through telecommuting.Only by working together can we win this epidemic sniper war.Hymson Laser fights the epidemic!
Hymson Laser Pays Tribute to "the Most Beautiful Retrograder"
Hero is that ordinary people make extraordinary choices.
The doctors are working day and night, and they look back on the front line, because wearing a mask and goggles for a long time and the beautiful face is printed with deep red scars.
The police adhere to their posts and stop the spread of the epidemic through transportation. The builders voluntarily gave up their vacation to the construction site. After more than ten days and nights of struggle, 1,600 beds, more than 800 wards, and a hospital rose up to the admiration.
Sanitation workers in various places wear airtight protective clothing every day, silently purify every street, and stand on the front line of the city's anti-epidemic situation, making us pay respects.
The takeaway brother and courier deliver the necessary daily necessities for people every day.
Because these ordinary people exist, we believe that victory is coming.
Hymson Laser pays tribute to "the most beautiful retrograder"!