Industry Fair | Hymson laser products show China's intellectual strength!

Release time:2019-09-27

       On September 17, the 21st China International Industry Fair opened at the Shanghai National Convention and Exhibition Center. Hymson Laser, which carries the 15000W fiber laser cutting machine HF3015H and the new product HF3015LU designed with German technology, finally met with everyone at the Industry Fair.

       On the day of the launch, the visitors of the exhibition were not far away, and they shared the unique charm of intelligent cutting with Hymson Laser. The HF3015H machine showcases the cutting of “Love” samples on site, attracting many users to stop, consult and talk.

       As a high-value and 15000W ultra-high power laser cutting equipment, HF3015H has fully automated sheet material raw material loading and unloading, cutting precision, cutting samples are eye-catching. Not only that, the equipment is equipped with Hymson laser "super brain", with "frog leap", "automatic obstacle avoidance" and "quick perforation" cutting process, more stable, more efficient, smarter, to achieve true high performance.

       From the perspective of creating value for customers, it has truly improved the automation and efficiency of laser processing. After understanding the equipment, foreign customers are eager to explain to customers around.

       Not only that, but this time, this time, Hymson laser will use the laser technology new equipment designed by German technology to participate in the exhibition. At the exhibition, due to its new and unique design appearance, the swing arm type composite shaft system, faster cutting speed, opened the industry 5g new era.

       User Mr.Chen said, Compared with the equipment exhibition of the last year, Hymson brought me more innovative laser cutting equipment processing experience.The equipment is advancing with the times, and the power and cutting capacity are also steadily improving. In the future, sheet metal processing will definitely expand.

       Meet the Industry Fair, we will communicate and grow together. In the future, Hymson Laser will continue to work with users to explore more possibilities for laser smart equipment.

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