Army Day,  Tribute to Hero

Release time:2019-08-01

Hymson Laser Pay Tribute to the Great Soldiers!

There is a kind of faith, called loyalty to the country; there is a day, called to be with the country; there is a great, called the People's Liberation Army!

 Heroes in the Army Day

"Chinese Communists are not historical nihilists, nor cultural nihilists." This is a warning and a solemn declaration.

Today is the Army Day, let us talk about heroes and their beliefs.

You Are the Cutest Person!

 The industrious, courageous, hard-working, silent, and fearless character is reflected in the Chinese military.

Although the snowstorm of 2008 has gone, the figure of the soldiers is still remembered.The disaster of May 12th has already faded, and the tears in the corner of the eye cannot be tossed away.

Let us pay tribute to the lovely and amiable soldiers, Happy August 1st!

Talking about heroes in the Army Day

They guard the borderland and the sea of the motherland, have ideals and convictions, have powerful abilities, and are rich in sacrifice.

 In any case, it is not hindered by difficulties, the beliefs are unshakable, the actions are consistent, and the goal is achieved without fear.

Blessing the Army Day
They can keep the entrustment of the motherland and the safety of the people in their hearts. They can use the iron and bones to build a city that is solid and guarded. The soldiers and the people agree with you, and the motherland needs you more.