Lai Yanfen, Deputy Mayor of Jiangmen City, Visited Hymson (Jiangmen) Laser Intelligent Manufacturing Industrial Park

Release time:2019-07-23

Research park

        On the morning of July 11, Lai Yanfen, deputy mayor of Jiangmen City,Zeng Zikai, Deputy Director of Municipal Health Burea, and other leaders visited Hymson (Jiangmen) Laser Intelligent Manufacturing Industrial Park. He Xiji, the mayor of Majesty Town, and Zheng Zhuolin, the head of the seven divisions of the Municipal Office, accompanied the investigation.

        Nie Shuibin, general manager of Hymson (Jiangmen) Laser Intelligent Equipment Co., Ltd.,  deputy general manager Lin Guodong and others warmly received the deputy mayor Lai Yanfen and others.

Deputy Mayor Lai Yanfen visited Hymson Laser

Field research and care for business development

        Vice Mayor Lai Yanfen and other leaders visited Hymson JMLEBG New Energy Manufacturing Department and JMBG Sheet Metal Business Department. They watched Hymson laser cutting equipment, laser welding, laser marking and other series of machines, process samples and live demonstrations. Hymson laser's independent research and development level and operating conditions, visit staff canteens and ask employees about food, clothing, housing and transportation.

        Nie Shuibin, general manager of Hymson (Jiangmen) Laser Intelligent Equipment Co., Ltd. introduced the most advanced technology, product innovation, market application, business performance and employee life of Hymson Laser.

Discussion and exchange

Listening to corporate opinions

        At the symposium, Mayor Lai cordially asked about the development status of Hymson and cared about the challenges and opportunities facing enterprise development.

        Nie Shuibin, general manager of Hymson (Jiangmen) Laser Intelligent Equipment Co., Ltd., answered in detail the opportunities and challenges facing Hymson Laser. After 12 years of development, Hymson Laser has a total of 1,800 employees worldwide, more than 40 service outlets worldwide and successfully developed ultra-high-power fiber laser cutting machines and fully automatic laser pipe cutting machines of 10,000-watt level, and actively build higher Cutting machine equipment with power and larger working width, introduction of automated production lines and development of intelligent machines. In the future, we will also provide advanced equipment and comprehensive solutions for all walks of life to build a world-class leading brand.

Kind care greetings

        Lai Yanfen cared about the problems of Hymson employeeschildrens schooling and other issues, and actively made solutions to provide timely guidance for the future development of Hymson Laser.

        At the same time, he praised the achievements of Hymson Laser and encouraged Hymson Laser to fully grasp the major opportunities of Guangdong, Hong Kong and Macao Dawan District, and wished that Hymson Laser will become better and better, help the transformation and upgrading of the manufacturing industry, and move towards high quality development. At the stage, contribute to the development of China's economy!