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Release time:2019-04-11

As one of China's most prestigious international machine tool exhibitions, one of the world's four international machine tool exhibitions, China International Machine Tool(CIMT) Exhibition has become an important place for international advanced manufacturing technology exchange and trade. Here, the world's most advanced and applicable machine tool products are brought together. For domestic buyers and users, it is an “international inspection” that does not go abroad.

Integrate win-win, make the future

The theme of this year's exhibition is "Integration and Win-Win, Wisdom for the Future". Hymson has been actively participating in and responding to the problem of intelligent transformation and development of China's manufacturing industry and building a good laser in China. This time we will carry a new generation of laser cutting intelligent equipment, and you will meet the Beijing Machine Tool Show of 2019.

Hymson Exhibition Information

Name: The 16th China International Machine Tool Show in 2019
Time: April 15-20, 2019
Venue: China International Exhibition Center (Tianzhu New Hall)
Booth: Hymson W6-B201 W2-A401

Hymson Laser Booth

Booth 1: W6-B201

Booth 2: W2-A401

Highlights overview

Participating in China's most prestigious international machine tool exhibition, we are dedicated to providing strong support for many fields, aiming to provide customers with the most complete cutting solutions and the most intimate service.

Exhibitor machine

As a new generation of laser cutting intelligent equipment for Hymson Laser, HF·3015H-15000w is the latest 10,000-watt laser heavy-duty intelligent machine tool independently developed by Hymson Laser. It is highly intelligent and can extend the automatic production line. Equipped with automatic storage, three-dimensional warehouse, automatic loading and unloading system, etc., with the latest lifting exchange platform, it can process all kinds of super thick plates stably and efficiently.

HP6018D-3000 fiber laser cutting machine
The new HP·D series laser tube cutting machine is an expert ultra-high speed intelligent machine tool. The preferred model in the metal pipe processing industry, with powerful cutting capabilities, ultra-high stability, high-quality machining, fully automatic loading and unloading systems, extremely low cost and operating costs, and high adaptability.

Hymson Laser Booth Map

Traffic Guide

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At the China International Exhibition Center, there is a passionate Hymson people.