Carrying the future ▏Looking at the Hymson Laser from China's high-speed rail

Release time:2019-04-03


China's high-speed rail construction has been hailed as a miracle of China's economic development. From the introduction of technology to leading the world, in just ten years, China's high-speed rail has created too many miracles: the longest operating mileage, the highest operating speed, and the highest speed of wheel and rail test.


The rapid development of China's high-speed rail provides opportunities for the development of the laser industry, and the development of laser cutting technology has also pushed the development of high-speed rail manufacturing technology to a new height.
Based on the advantages of laser cutting, Hymson laser cutting equipment has been well applied in the high-speed rail manufacturing industry.


In the manufacturing process of high-speed rail, it consists of tens of thousands of basic components. In order to ensure the quality of the finished car, the quality, size, precision and fineness of the cutting of the individual basic parts are very high. Therefore, the cutting quality of the board will directly affect the overall quality of the finished car.


Hymson laser fiber cutting machine has been deeply cultivated and researched in the industry for nearly ten years. With a high proportion of R&D engineers, with the advantage of high efficiency and precision of laser cutting, it has been providing customers with stable, efficient and intelligent in the field of key basic parts processing. Production experience.


Let's take some simple and specific examples of high-speed rail processing.

Below 6mm high-speed rail body uses aluminum alloy sheet, use is laser cutting.

The weather-resistant steel plate for the bogie of 12mm or less is to use 6 kW laser cutting.


After more than ten years of development, the high-speed rail has conquered many people's hearts with convenience, speed and comfort. During the Spring Festival, the high-speed rail has repeatedly appeared in a situation where “one ticket is hard to find”. The high-speed rail trip not only prospered the national economy, but also comforted the hearts of the people.
The laser industry is inseparable from the high-speed rail. Hymson Laser has the ability and willingness to shoulder this glorious responsibility and contribute to China's rail transit.