3.8 l Hymson laser met Lyon, France

Release time:2019-03-14

JasonHey, today is the international women’s day! What will you do?

Elisa I got two tickets to Lyon! I definitely will go for a visit to Hymson Laser Booth in TOLEXPO.

JasonOhamazing!  Let’s  go

Let’s enjoy the tour of Hymson in TOLEXPO during 5th to 8th of Mar


There are lots of customer visiting the booth!

High quality cutting

Hymson guys, handsome guys

JasonWarm services, professional support, good quality! All of these factors attract the customers all over the world.

ElisaIt is true! Hymson develop great service and provide local support to European customers!

Hymson entered the 2019, and the exhibition is currently in full swing. Thank you for your recognition of Haimingxing Laser, Haimingxing will continue to make more intimate services for everyone!