Hymson laser "lightning cutting" function articles

Release time:2019-03-11

Can you pursuefaster speeds and lower energy consumption while maintaining cutting qualityand speed?

The answer is yes!To increase efficiency, reduce waste and create higher economic benefits.

Hymson Laser has successfullylaunched “LIGHTNING CUTTING” technology for medium &thin sheets cutting.

Higher yield

"Lightning cutting"has more efficient piercing capabilities and higher cutting speeds than normalcutting. Sheet metal processing efficiency can be increased by up to 67%.

The following table compares the parameters of6000W cutting stainless steel.

Less energy

Compared to conventional cutting,"Lightning cutting" uses less cutting pressed- gas and reduces gas pressureby up to 54%.

The following table compares the parametersof 6000W cutting stainless steel.

Better quality

"Lightning cutting" is the applicationof high-power cutting technology, which is faster and consumes less energy.Under the premise of ensuring more efficient cutting, the cutting sectionquality is better, the cutting edge is smooth and uniform, and the least burris generated. "Lightning Cutting" aims to improve the cutting speedand cutting quality of medium and thin sheets.

Let's take a look at the video of Hymson Laser's“Lightning cutting” to get a feel for it!

Hymson Laser will continue to work hard to continue tobring more intimate services and more efficient cutting solutions. Let youcreate wealth with peace of mind!