New cutting process, aluminum burr-free cut

Release time:2018-07-07

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As the current advanced equipment, fiber lasercutting machine has been widely used in the production and processing ofvarious industries. Conventional laser cutting machine in cutting an aluminum ,stainless steel and other metal materials, burrs (or dross) remain.

Burrs are generated when cutting aluminum, whichrequires additional manual or machine grinding processes to increase the numberof product processing steps. So, product quality, productivity, product cycle,and production cost cannot be guaranteed. The economic efficiency ofenterprises will decline.

General cutting process

Hymson Laser independently developed a newcutting process, which ensured the original advantages of fiber laser cuttingmachine and solved the problem of burr when cutting aluminum. Atthe same time, it achieves burr-free, wrinkle-free, high precision, no moldconsumption, no need to repair molds, saving time for mold replacement, savingprocessing costs, and reducing product costs.

New cutting process

Hymson Laser with intelligent, automated premisecontinue to develop new technology and improve function and quality of sheetmetal intelligent equipment to bring greater economic benefits and value to theindustry in the production and processing.