HF LU Series
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Hymson "All in One" Laser Cutting Machine.

Automatic loading and unloading system

Parallel kinematic technology, superior performance in thin materials

Assemble with retractable grippers to ensure remarkable precise cutting.

Laser Resonator
Fiber Laser
Model HF3015LU
Working Range(mm2 3000 x 1500
Acceleration(G) 5
Speed of Kinematic Axes (m/min) 198
Weight(kg) 8500
Length 10600
Width 5500
Height 1950
Loading and Unloading Unit
MMax. dimension (mm) 3000x1500
Min. dimension (mm) 500x500
Max. weight of cart (kg) 3000

*Please contact us for more detail information via email: info@gzhymson.com. Thank you.

CNC System

The equipment uses Mitsubishi CNC cutting system, equipped with a large touching screen display, and it’s a professional laser cutting system. Based on Windows operation system, it integrates a lot of laser cutting modules with special functions. Equipped with a wireless keyboard and mouse, the operation is simple and easy.


We provide fully functional Libellula cutting software. This software is a complete set of integrated sheet metal CAD/CAM automatic programming software from design to production, with rich functions, high degree of simplification and optimization of the cutting process, and a significant increase in operator efficiency and productivity.


Operator safety glasses

Direct, reflected and scattered laser beams may damage the operator's vision and may even lead to blindness. In order to protect the eyes from laser radiation, special protective glasses should be used.

Smoke Removal

Exhaust fan

Used to remove the combustion products produced during the cutting process.

Filter - Ventilation

Filters - Ventilators are designed to remove suspended, fine and moderately dispersed dust and smoke from air during welding, metal thermal cutting, etc.

Spare Parts

Supplies accessories

Three-dimensional warehouse, nozzle.

4mm MS 3mm SUS

3mm AL 1mm 2mm BRASS
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