Hymson Laser

Hymson Laser was founded in 2008 with a mission to design valuable integrated laser and automation solutions for customers. As one of the largest producers of laser intelligent technologies in China, Hymson Laser is a leading supplier of automation systems for new energy automobile, consumer electronics and metal fabrication industries.

Hymson Laser is a global laser intelligent equipment manufacturer. The company headquarter is located in Shenzhen (Guangodng). Four additional development, production, sales and service subsidiaries are respectively located in Guangzhou(Guangdong), Jiangmen(Guangdong), Changzhou(Jiangsu) and Anshan(Liaoning). The factories in Jiangmen and Changzhou were designed as the most advanced and largest smart factories among the laser manufacturers in China. Hymson Laser has sophisticated sales and service team in around 40 countries that represented by professional partners.

The product portfolio of Hymson Laser is particularly flexible and smart which enables us to provide a broad range of intelligent system options in the fields of laser cutting, drilling, marking, welding and other applications to address lithium battery manufacturing, sapphire and glasses processing, PCB & FPC processing, and metal sheet & tube processing.

Hymson Laser is an enterprise with strong faith to contribute to the development of the society and the industry. With years efforts, the company and the partners have taken part in the core study of the upgrade and transition in smart factory among Chinese manufacturers and have actively promoted the ideas of “Made In China 2025”, “IOT”, “Industry 4.0”.

Hymson Laser stands for customer, quality and innovation. Three words perfectly explains our philosophy.
As a reliable partner, Hymson listens to our customers’ voice, serving them with fast and professional assist. Hymson concentrates on quality, ensuring every customer can enjoy the benefit from us. Hymson drives the innovation, sharing the value of intelligent equipment to the society.
  • About 1600
    Employees in the world
  • About 26 km2
    Factory Area
  • About 40
    Partners round the world

Hymson Laser Metal Intelligent Equipment Product Line

Hymson Laser Metal Intelligent Equipment Product Line was founded to provide intelligent, stable and efficient laser cutting solutions to meet the massive and comprehensive demand.

The company has fostered a sophisticated R&D team in the fields of laser application, machine tools, and numerical control software, that drives the innovative products, including flat sheet laser cutting machine, tube laser cutting machine, 3D cutting machine. A R&D triangle system “Application–Machine-Software” has been designed for continuously innovation and development of Hymson latest product.

Our current customers are experienced experts in varies of industry, such as facility engineering, construction, smart furniture, bathroom & kitchen hardware, electric equipment, automobile and aero industry.

What makes Hymson different is that we keep closer to the customer. As a global laser and automation solution provider, Hymson now has around 40 distributors and partners all over the world to offer professional, quick and local support for the customers.

  • HF · A Series

    The new HF · A series laser intelligent cutting equipment is the ideal economical machine for metal cutting in small amount.
  • HF · G Series

    The new HF · G series laser intelligent cutting equipment is an ultra-efficient all-round machine tool.
  • HF · D Series

    The new HF · D Series laser intelligent cutting equipment is a stable intelligent machine that can meet all flat sheet metal cutting tasks.
  • HF · B Series

    The new HF · B series laser intelligent cutting equipment is the ideal economical machine for high-quality sheet metal laser cutting.
  • HP · D Series

    The new HP·D series laser tube cutting machine is an expert-class ultra-high speed intelligent machine tool.